High Heels and Hairspray to Sweats and Sneakers

For as long as I can keep in mind I wanted to be profitable. What was success to me? A career woman! High paying job, impressive title, high heels, enterprise suits, and acrylic nails. An appointment book full of lunch appointments and client meetings.

So for the span of my corporate operating career of 15 years I was incredibly blessed and was profitable in numerous diverse corporations and positions. It all changed soon after the birth of my 1st daughter this is when it became clear to me. This is not the success I want.

In my opinion there are two sides of corporate achievement.

Side A: the rewards such as: dollars, wealth, titles, toys, stature, networking, socializing.

Side B: the sacrifice such as: long hours, operating weekends, employee difficulties, deadlines, legal troubles, but much more importantly missing your child’s initial step, missing school field trips, ball games, music recitals, and choir performances. Strain,Stress, Strain.

I realized I didn’t want what the corporate globe had to offer. I was sick and tired of making sacrifices at the sake of my family. It was time for a alter!

My transformation took location a year and a half ago. I was fortunate to uncover a business that would allow me to function from the comfort of my property, decide my own hours, and knowledge genuine success! What is that you ask, frankly it’s success on my terms!

For the last year and a half I have attended field trips, coached my daughters softball team, taken amazing loved ones vacations, scheduled numerous mother daughter luncheons, located financial freedom and helped other people to discover the identical genuine achievement.

Are you ready for a transformation?

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